I am an English writer and journalist, who specialises in social media, books, festivals, sustainable development, the community use of ICT, women, herbs, gardening, growing vegetables, growing people, history, arts, culture and travel.

Tavira is the nearest town. Its a small fishing town with an ancient history and is about 6km from where I live. I am up in the hills, where fresh air is not confined, where the sun is aided by the breeze, and the days are full of watching the moments of change taking place on the land I am happily married to Jim Hall, who plays tennis, sings and turns our compost heap. We have great views from the house and are surrounded orange groves, and our land supports many old, solid, stable carob and olive trees. In between the old trees we have planted fruit and nut trees along with raised beds for vegetables in 2009, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14.
My background is in Development and ICT, having worked for IBM, before getting involved with the use of technology in and between communities. I studied History at Warwick University and then Law at Birmingham University. I managed the European and International Unit for the Community Development Foundation in the UK, working in many difficult places, with Governments, Businesses, Networks, Grassroots movements, Civil Society groups, NGO’s, across the world, in such places as Russia and Sierra Leone and of course most of Europe.

I had a fabulous trip to Brazil in July 2012. I wrote about the Paraty book festival and visited the Amazon, Rio de Janeiro and some of the gold towns. I love travelling, laughing, learning and sharing. I write about things that trigger a passionate response or just plain interest me which is a great place to be in my life. I also do a little consultancy using a range of tools to engage, enable and empower. The words seem somewhat hackneyed, but they have a lot of rich experience behind them.


Twitter:  Communityworks


5 Comments on “About”

  1. Terry McCord Holdren says:

    I am searching for a Sue Hall I went to school with in 1963-64 in Portugal. We were students at St. Columbans. Could this be you? If so, I would love to communicate with you!

    Terry McCord Holdren

  2. Debra Clarke says:

    Hello Sue
    I’ve recently discovered your blog and have been enjoying it especially as I am making plans to spend an extended period of time living in Tavira (from Oct 2013 I’ll be at the campsite north of the town whilst I look for somewhere to rent). I am doing so primarily to work at the Print Studios there, I spoke to Fernanda just before the reopening (which is now ages ago!)and planned to come then…but other events prevailed and I had to put all those plans aside. It is only now that I find I am free to make the move, I have since finished a Post Grad in Bristol and this year have been living in Jersey (my birthplace) where my mother still lives. I’m very accustomed to independent living and I will be travelling on my own next month, but would love to make contact with other English speakers, especially academic ones…so perhaps I may get in touch with you at some stage?
    Debra Clarke

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